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Levitation (320 Kbps) Goatika Creative Lab
Goatika Creative Lab
Levitation (320 Kbps)
psychedelic, world fusion, electronic, chill out
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Levitation is a new album by Goatika Creative Lab. This collection of the last two year's work by the Lab presents all the musicians who participated in Goatika Creative Lab project during this time.

Special guest - Tony Levin
Mix and additional sound design - Ott
Mastering - Kevin Metcalfe at Soundmasters, London

Musicians' comments on the music of Levitation:

When great musicians meet & play, good things happen!
Tony Levin

We simply gather and play, leaving to fate where the notes and rhythms take us, drawing inspiration from the moment in time as well as all our musical influences and studies. And as a result we make something that turns out to be absolutely challenging and inspiring. We attentively listen and respond to one another selflessly and at this moment we exist in a uniform space.
Pete Lockett
During a concert there is little or no verbal interaction. Music forms the basis and content of our conversation. As performing improvisers we have developed a unique form of nonverbal communication. For this to work, each musician must remain open and receptive while simultaneously engaged in creation. This is our yoga, our meditation, our spiritual science.
George Brooks
Once you hear the pulsing sounds of Levitation, you will never forget it.
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Posted by Goatika Creative Lab on 28 June 2010
Tags: goatika, improvisation, chill out, electronic, world fusion, psychedelic, goa
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Thank you very much! Love and peace!
17 Dec 2010 07:27 am
Очень хорошая музыка!!! Спасибо создателям!!!
19 Dec 2010 08:06 pm
Спасибо Вам! Love and peace!
21 Dec 2010 11:20 am